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Two New Laser Diode Drivers for Laser-scanning-type Automotive Head-up Displays and Pico-Projectors

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. has launched the RN5C750 and the RN5C752, laser diode drivers (LDD) suitable for laser-scanning-type head-up displays (HUDs) and pico-projectors respectively.

Today's automobiles require electronic systems that contribute to enhancing the safety levels, represented by ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System). Those safety-enhancing systems also include HUDs, for they help drivers reduce eye movements while driving.

Also, in the digital signage field, demands for laser-scanning-type pico-projectors are expected to increase in the near future because of the compact size and focus-free characteristics.

To meet the rising needs, we have developed the two brand-new ICs for HUDs and pico-projectors by exploiting laser driver technology we have long nurtured for Ricoh multifunctional laser printers.

With laser diode characteristics detection, dimming control, and abundant protections, the new LDDs will help not only to simplify complicated optical structures but also to design a new HUD or projector with ease.


RN5C750/RN5C752 (QFN0808-56)





Key Features of RN5C750/752 Series

1. Supporting Safety and Reliability

The RN5C750 and the RN5C752 both have various functions to construct safe and reliable laser-scanning-type display systems

。Multiple Protections

The new LDDs are equipped with multiple functions to protect laser diodes (LD), such as overcurrent detection, short-circuit detection, overtemperature detection, etc. Those protections will support safe operation of LDs and therefore enhance the safety level of your display systems.

。AEC-Q100 Qualification (Grade 2, RN5C750)

For automotive HUDs, the RN5C750 has a wide operating temperature range of -40℃ to 105℃, and has passed the reliability test based on AEC-Q100.

2. High-speed and Large-current Output of Four Channels

The LDDs include four current drivers that can provide a high-speed and large-current output of maximum 800 mA* at 200Mixel/sec. The four-channel drivers will make it possible to achieve high resolution display on a full HD (1080p) screen.

* Only LD1. LD2 to 4 has maximum 400 mA output.

3. High-gradation Output Independent of Temperature

The new LDDs are capable of detecting the maximum threshold current and light emitting current of each LD automatically, and therefore able to keep high-gradation output regardless of temperature fluctuations.


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