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2020-05-21 RRicoh RN5T5610 Series, System Power Management Multi-channel IC for Industrial Applications.

series is suitable for industrial equipment such as factory automation devices and motor drivers which operate continuously for 24 hours under wide temperature conditions in factories.

The RN5T5610 series follows the basic specifications of the RN5T567/568 series, our system PMICs with good reputations for their compact and space-saving features and flexible configurability. This system PMIC has both high reliability and a wide operating temperature range, and has been developed for use in industrial equipment under harsh conditions such as outdoors.

The RN5T5610 series contains various devices and functions necessary for the power supply of processors (e.g. FPGAs, SoCs) in a single chip such as following: (1) four high-efficiency buck DC/DC switching regulators; (2) five LDO linear regulators; (3) two regulators for RTC backup; (4) one power-control block to control the power-on / off sequence of each power supply; (5) four voltage detectors; (6) one watchdog timer; (7) multi-function GPIOs; and (8) an I2C-Bus interface which outputs signals to control these functions.

Before shipment, you can specify default settings such as power-supply output voltages, the power-on sequence and GPIO functions, according to the specifications of the processor and other ambient circuits. We will set the RN5T5610 with a one-time programmable memory (OTP) according to your specifications and ship it to you.

Also, we will expand general code versions with preset power-supply voltages and sequences that correspond to specific core processors of SoCs and FPGAs such as NXP’s i.MX series.


RN5T5610 Series (QFN0707-48-P25)

Key Features of RN5T5610 Series


1. Wide Operating Temperature Range Meeting Industrial Needs

The RN5T5610 series ensures operations under the temperature range from -40°C to 105°C by testing all the PMICs’ operations under high temperatures. This wide operating temperature range enables the PMIC to operate safely in industrial equipment such as motor-controlling devices requiring considerations on internal heat generation (e.g. servo amplifiers and inverters) and embedded devices used under harsh outdoor temperature conditions.


2. High Flexibility

The RN5T5610 can meet specifications of major SoCs and FPGAs such as following: NXP’s i.MX6 series, i.MX7 series, and i.MX8 series; SoCs released from Qualcom, Toshiba, Renesas and Rockchip for embedded systems; Xilinx’s Spartan 7 series, Zynq series; Intel’s Cyclone series; and Lattice’s ECP5/ECP5-5G series. By configuring default settings of output voltages, power-on / off sequences, and multi-function GPIO pins before shipment, this PMIC achieves high flexibility independent of core processors.


3. Product Longevity Program (PLP)

The RN5T5610 is one of the applicable products for our Product Longevity Program (PLP). This program enables our customers in the industrial field to make a long-term production plan of industrial equipment.


4. Built-in Programmable Sequencer for Controlling External Power Supply

The RN5T5610 has an embedded sequencer to control the power-on sequences of power-supply channels. Thanks to the sequencer, the RN5T5610 can not only set power-supply on / off sequences arbitrarily but also output signals through the multi-function GPIO pins to control the power-on timing. Using these functions enables an external discreet power management IC to be synchronized with the power-on sequence of the RN5T5610 without another sequence controller IC, which therefore leads to reducing the mounting size and cost.


5. Abundant Experience

In 1998, we began our PMIC history with the development of unprecedented analog system LSIs for automobile telephones. Subsequently, many electrical product manufacturers adopted our PMICs to their state-of-the-art folding cell phones at the time, and consequently we could gain the largest share in system PMICs for folding cell phones in Japan.

Also, at the same time, we developed the following low-supply-current technologies that can meet the market demands for low power consumption even today: CMOS analog power-supply circuit technology including LDO linear regulators with our unique ECO mode function, and DC/DC switching regulators with automatic VFM/PWM switch-over; and whole system power management technology we accumulated in the years of experience. With these technologies, our PMICs achieved the top-class long battery life in the industry at that time.

Since the development of our first PMIC, we have released more than 100 products not only for mobile devices but also for SoCs in consumer/industrial embedded systems, and many SoC and FPGA vendors qualified our PMICs as recommended products. In total, our production records reach around 300 million pieces for mobile devices, and around 100 million pieces for embedded systems.

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