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2019-05-16 Ricoh launches High Noise Immunity Maximum Input Voltage 42V 70mA Voltage Tracker for In-Vehicle Electrical Equipment

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. launched R1540 series, a voltage tracker featuring high-voltage resistance and high noise immunity, suitable for in-vehicle electrical equipment.

These days, an increasing number of automotive applications such as ADAS or autonomous driving are required to ensure high levels of security in in-vehicle electrical systems. To meet the requirements, a lot of sensors are adopted on those systems. For those systems to function properly, stable voltages must be provided by power management ICs such as voltage trackers.

The R1540 is capable of controlling On/Off and tracking the output voltage, which facilitates sequence control of a system. Additionally, quality grades and classes can be selected according to customers’ needs: A and K Class for automotive grade; Y Class for industrial grade; for consumer grade.

Image: R1540 Series (SOT-23-5、HSOP-8E) R1540 Series (SOT-23-5、HSOP-8E)

Product Features of R1540

1. High Noise Immunity

The R1540 achieves high noise immunity by noise-adaptive circuit design. Conventional regulators without noise immunity require a circuit for external electromagnetic noise when adopted in systems with off-board sensors, where noise is generated in the power supply line via the wire harness. The new R1540 eliminates the circuit for external electromagnetic noise due to its noise-immune feature, which contributes to reducing not only the mounting area but also concerns about component failure.

2. Low Supply Current

Reducing the supply current at standby mode contributes to low power consumption and long operation of the whole system.

Product Specifications

Supply Current Typ. 60 μA (At no load)
Standby Current Typ. 0.1 μA
Input Voltage Range (VIN) 3.5 V to 42 V (Rating: 50 V)
Peak Input Voltage: 60 V (Duration time: 200ms)
Voltage Tracking Range (VOUT) 2.2 V to 14 V
Voltage Tracking Accuracy ±15 mV (-40℃ ≦ Ta ≦ 125℃)
Load Regulation ±2 mV (1mA ≦ IOUT ≦ 70mA)
Line Regulation ±8 mV (6 V ≦ VIN ≦ 42 V)
Output Current 70 mA
Output Current Limit Activated at Typ. 120 mA
Short Current Protection Activated at Typ. 40 mA
Thermal Shutdown Detection at Typ. 165℃
Dropout Voltage Typ. 1.3 V
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to 125℃ (class K, A, and Y)
-40℃ to 105℃ (class Consumer)
AEC-Q100 Automotive grades will be compliant to Grade 1
Packages SOT-23-5, HSOP-8E

Quality Grades

Grades Applications Operating Temperature Range Test Temperature
Low 25°C High
Automotive, Class K General Equipment (Body System) −40°C to 125°C V V V
Automotive, Class A Accessories −40°C to 125°C   V V
Industrial, Class Y Industrial Equipment −40°C to 125°C   V V
Consumer Consumer Equipment −40°C to 125°C   V  
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