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Aeneas Electronics mainly representing semiconductor products of RICOH, Japan. Aeneas Electronics is the biggest electronic spare parts agency for RICOH in Asia.

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About Aeneas

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Aeneas Electronics Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1993, mainly representing semiconductor products of RICOH, Japan. Since our establishment, we are striving for importing RICOH's highly precise and low power consuming power management IC and interface control chips of laptops. Through colleagues' enthusiastic efforts, we gain much good critics from our clients, making us the biggest electronic spare parts agency for RICOH in Asia. In the future, we will continue to import excellent electronic parts to provide our customers with more variety to choose from.


Making a comprehensive survey on the trend of electronics industry, as an electronic parts agency, we play an important role that cannot be ignored. We not only provide customers with complete series of products, but also put emphasis on technical capability. Therefore, we keep expanding our FAE personnel and establishing technical department to cooperate with sales department, in order to serve the purpose of closely working with our customers. Apart from Design-in, we also provide customers with ideas to develop new products and information about new markets, helping customers to grow and to design products that meet their needs.

Secondly, we introduce new products in a very fast way in order to grab business opportunities in the market, gaining the highest market share.We always emphasize, "Professionals are the most valuable competitiveness for an enterprise ". Since information industry develops vigorously, and changes every minute, we eagerly need professionals for enterprise's reorganization and innovation. Therefore, every department is a learning environment. No matter executives or clerks, there are asked not only to advance their own professions but also to learn new knowledge other than their profession, in order to train and full-aspect person. Complete and Comprehensive training is what Aeneas Electronics' promise to its employees.

Young and lively teams are the biggest assets of this company. Good business culture is based upon the interaction and reciprocity between the company and the employees. Therefore, we work together like a family, and strive for company's success. We believe in sharing profit and difficulties. What we stress is a harmonious business family, not a family business passed on from generation to generation. We hand our management authority to our employees and give them enough authorization, making them fell recognized and respected. This is an unselfish act of an enterprise.

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Vision for the future

Aeneas Electronics was established in 1993. In this 21st century, we hope we can help all enterprises we served across the straight keep growing, in order to improve the quality of living, and be at the same level as other advanced countries in the world.

Like the English name of this enterprise, Aeneas was the hero in Troy war, and the founder of Rome. Aeneas's business scale is steadily growing every year. We follow the philosophy of our leader, set up the goal of reaching the consensus of being a business family, and actively train our employees with an unselfish mind. Using technical profession as our marketing strategy is our objective, providing our customers with extensive service. We use optimism, steadiness, harmony, and aggression to face the challenge of marketing in the China. Aeneas Electronics will continue to introduce the best semiconductors, and electronic parts to all venders in Taiwan and China, and definitely will continue to provide the best technical support, and to co-manufacture products that are popular in the market with our clients, making the enterprise in China to grow.

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Aeneas Snapshot

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GUI number 84132130
Capital 330,000,000
Chairman Alance Hsu
Founded 1993/02/22